Whether you've traded #bossbabe for #babymaker, survived the fashion catastrophe that was the early 2000s, are in school, or are looking for the opportunity to build something alongside thousands of like-minded rockstars who love Poppy & Dot, keep reading!

Becoming a Poppy & Dot Ambassador is the ultimate in #squadgoals. We've been hard at work and are excited to announce the arrival of our Poppy & Dot Ambassador program! It's all the luxury of owning your business without the headaches of things like employees, overhead, bookkeeping, insurance...the list goes on and on! 

All you have to do is share your Poppy & Dot favorites online, in an email, at a party or whenever the mood strikes! Simply earn an income by selling styles you want to wear. Ambassadors receive an online portal to check commissions, get marketing assets, find out about Poppy & Dot events and get a discount on every item you buy! Getting started is zero cost to you - simply wear, share, and reap the benefits of #livepoppyanddot!



Sign up as a Poppy & Dot Ambassador. After that, we do all the heavy lifting. Grab your personal discount code and start sharing! 


Share your favorite clothes and your personal discount code on social media, via email or simply invite a few friends over to check out some of your favorite styles! Your discount code will work for both Instagram and website purchases! 


Grow your business (we'll be here to help...) And we promise it will be quite a lot of fun along the way. Get commissions for all your sales as well as fun bonuses each month! 



Want to join our #girlsquad?! Email us at hello@poppyanddot.com with your social media information (Media Kit, Instagram Handle, FB name, etc) so we can chat more about the program! Upon signing up you will receive more details on what being one of our Rockstars is all about.
We can't wait to have you as part of our exclusive affiliate ROCKSTAR program! 



Almost as good looking as "brangelina" (R.I.P.) and way cooler than "bennifer", we are the fashion-duo that shares a brain, a wardrobe and sometimes a macaroon ice cream sandwich (but never fries). We are the head dreamers, risk-takers and self proclaimed rockstars at Poppy & Dot. We're calling all fellow rockstars to join our squad. 



I grew up in {what used to be} the small town of South Jordan, Utah, married my best friend and promptly popped out 4 babies! I am a self-proclaimed review-reading addict who frequently shares all of my favorites with anyone that will listen. Need a life-changing brush? No problem. Dying to try self-tanning but don't know which brand? I've got you. Wardrobe tips? It's basically my second language. Poppy & Dot was borne from a shared loved of fashion and making women feel beautiful. Entrepreneurship is like my favorite gluten-free meal that I just can't get enough of! My life goals change daily but I'm currently adhering to the following: living a happy life, being more present, and traveling the world. (Oh and eating tacos every day that ends in Y.)



I'm a determined dreamer who's on the go, on the fly, and always on the fritz. My passion is fashion but my true love is cotton candy. I traded foreign study abroad and NYC living for wiping boogers and bums, and lots of car dancing.  I consider myself an avid chance-taker and fun-haver, but my greatest adventures call me "mom". I enjoy the hustle which means I'm always tired (but never tired of pizza) and I never miss an opportunity to sweat my stress out and squat it like it's hot. Poppy and dot is my adopted 3rd child and was created to help women be the unicorns they truly are: unique, magical, and undeniably beautiful. From styling to designing I'm the creative guru behind Poppy and Dot. I'm a self proclaimed rockstar: deep as the ocean, bright as the sun, with the strength of a hurricane. And just like mermaids and unicorns, I believe in you!


Our exclusive range of signature Poppy & Dot designs and other fashion-forward clothing are inspired by you and made for you. They're designed and chosen to be lived in, to go from moment to moment without skipping a beat. Whether your day-to-day takes you from carpool to corporate dinner, Poppy & Dot is for every one of life's moments. And that's just the start. 

Our Rockstars will have the opportunity to share their savings with women just like them, with friends old and new, building a strong, 
solid business, without having to ever go to an office again. Every day as an ambassador is an opportunity to do good, choose happy, be a rockstar, and #livepoppyanddot. And like all good things: wash, rinse, repeat.

The Poppy & Dot ampersand is a symbol that you'll be seeing as our branding evolves. Above all else, it is a symbol of continuation, the only symbol in the english language that has meaning when it stands alone and is completely encompassing, optimistically open, and symbolizes every Poppy & Dot Ambassador. Each are unique in their own right but are so much more than just a single title. With Poppy & Dot, you have the opportunity to explore your ability to do and become more. "I'm a mother AND..." "I am an educator AND..." 

The Poppy & Dot ampersand is also one of inclusivity. For every woman, race, culture, opportunity, and background. We recognize your strength, your importance, your beauty, your intelligence, and the importance of conveying that in all of life's moments. 

Poppy & Dot is proud to be an advocate for anti-bullying and believe everyone has a place at the 'cool kids' table. We will be working closely with anti-bullying foundations and groups that focus on educating from the ground up. A portion of every dollar earned through the Poppy & Dot Ambassador program will be donated to create programs, increase awareness, and inclusion. You're never too old OR to young to make a positive change!