Babes! There is a reason we list the measurements of our clothes on EVERY post on Instagram and tell you what size we're wearing in our instastories (when we remember to...we're working on that, we promise)!


Just because you're one size in a certain brand, doesn't mean that you can wear that size in other brands. Retailers do what we call "Vanity Sizing". It's basically sizing garments larger than their measurements so that we shoppers buy smaller sizes and feel better about ourselves.

Yes, we want you to feel amazingly babelicious in our clothes here at Poppy &  Dot, but more importantly, we want you to get the perfect fit so that you not only feel beautiful, but you can share that beauty with others by sharing your own story.

So we (Tara and Layla) have put together our "Perfect Fit Guide for Size Challenged Babes". 

Trust us on this - we know what we're talking about.

Let's get started...

To get started, all you need is a soft tape measure to take your measurements along with a paper and pencil to write them down. We recommend saving your measurements in your phone or emailing them to yourself so you can have them readily available when you’re making any purchase online ( and especially with all your P&D purchases). Now it’s time to measure.

If you’re buying a top…

1. First, measure your bust, which is the fullest part of your chest. (this should cross right over your nipples...can we say that in a blog post?)
2. Then measure your natural waist, keeping the tape a bit loose. The term “natural waist” refers to the smallest part of your midsection (this should cross right over your belly button...not your hips).
3. Next, refer to the sizing on each post we do and pay close attention to the length on each item to ensure you get the best fit!

If you’re buying pants…

1. Measure your natural waist. Just remember to keep the tape loose.
2. Measure your hips, which are the fullest part of your body at the top of your leg. If you can’t figure out where your hips hit, try measuring about 7 inches below your waist. (this should be around the widest part of your bottom...because we didn't have "butts" in our houses growing up)
3. Then, measure your inseam, starting at the crotch seam and ending at the bottom of your leg. Your inseam will help you buy pants that fit well and let you decide if you need to opt for a size that specifies a “tall” or “regular” inseam. If you are petite, you might be able to tell if you will need your pants hemmed.

If you’re buying a dress…(You know the drill!)

1. Measure your bust.
2. Measure your natural waist.
3. Measure your hips.
4. Match them up according to the measurements on each product description at Poppy & Dot

It’s important to take note of the fabrics and materials of the item you are considering purchasing before deciding on a size. If your measurements say you’re a small but you like your t-shirts to be a bit roomy, don’t buy a size small cotton t-shirt…cotton shrinks! Similarly, if you’re looking at a pair of pants that have spandex in them, be aware that they give a little.

All of this ensures that you can fall in love with Poppy & Dot's new signature pieces and that you can buy them over and over and never worry about getting the "wrong size".

We even let you know what size our models are wearing. This can be helpful if you want to see how the clothes hang on a body as opposed to a hanger. 

Ready to shop? Head on over to Poppy & Dot to shop our new website!


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